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Originally Posted by RodKnock View Post
Ya, "outlier," that's a nice way putting it. My friends and family typically use more unsavory terms to describe me.

Isn't there an old joke about BMW's and porcupines?
We'd get along, then.

That's what great about CrossFit, "we" can scale a program for anyone. I've even seen "old as dirt" and "big gut" kinda folks in the Box. However, it always comes down to one word. Commitment.
Both my best friends are Crossfit chicks. One is a serious Crossfitter and the other is married to an owner. I did it for a couple years, discovered I had two broken vertebrate and decided my "commitment" didn't involve dying/being quadded out, because 70% of the exercises involve my spondylosis. I cannot even safely use a rowing machine. I can get nearly as much juice for the squeeze through exercises that do not, so cost/benefit went to traditional weight training. That, and I'm pretty anti-social normally, and the cheering and encouragement and attention really turns me off. But for people without potential spinal issues, Crossfit is the heat.

Back to Hurricane. Good looking Cobra. Great choice from what I've seen and heard. But it's "a road less-traveled" for some unknown (to me) reason. Make sure you're able to drive a few Cobras. You wouldn't be the first to buy one and then quickly sell it because it wasn't the car you thought it would be. Most people skip this step and just buy the Z06 Corvette.
Hurricane doesn't do anywhere near as much self-promotion as Factory Five, ERA and it isn't at the price point level as Superformance, plus it transferred ownership not that long ago, plus they had an intermediate owner who didn't make a car. Plus there is the whole, "factory in the most rural part of Iowa" thing.

BTW, NW Iowa has pretty low wages, yet people there are very highly educated, skilled and possess an unreal work ethic. This is kind of a "perfect storm" for something like a Cobra replica company.

I grew up racing solid frame, chain driven carts and Series I Mustangs on dirt. At work, I drive something equally uncomfortable, often armored, and usually with guns on it. When I'm stateside, I daily drive a 67 Mustang convertible with a very stiff suspension, and it just isn't "enough" to scratch my itch. I'm afraid I'd fall asleep in a modern performance car.

My wife is getting tired of being a geographical war widow. I am an adrenaline junkie. This car will be my replacement therapy because at 53, I've been doing this crap for 35 years, and I need to pay some attention to her.

I'm hoping my cobra build will be too hot in the summer, too cold any other time, too loud, hard riding and dangerous under power and in corners. Hopefully I won't be disappointed....

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