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Default Differential venting

Originally Posted by Morris View Post
OK Jim

Here we go..... I'm only going to suggest things we did when we were racing against the A/P and B/P cars ... like you I didn't have all of the money, so I had to figure out how to do modifications on my own .... As luck would have it, we learned a lot and had much more confidence in the car when we got on the track. It is a great feeling when you win and have built or modified the vehicle you are driving.

Since you showed the Rear End.... here's some photo's of what you may want to consider ....

One of the problems we encountered was filling up our catch can on the rear end .... and we found out that the oil was going out the breather or vent hose into the catch can .... and then would not return to the diff.... then we would damage the differential.....

These are the mods we did to fix that issue...

These are the things we did to KMP259 as well and it has proven very successful.

My welding skills scare me and I did not want to take a chance on ruining the rear cover for the differential. In addition, on the jag differential that I have, the design is different and there is a block inside of the vent hole that prevents direct access of fluid to the hole.

But I am concerned that there still could be a loss of fluid while racing, so this is my solution. Let me know what you think.

I made an aluminum cover (the rear cover for the differential is aluminum).

Drilled and tapped it for screws and a 90 degree elbow fitted with a hose barb.

I have a used piece of stainless steel braided fuel line that I plan on running from the differential into the bottom of a catch can located in the trunk, so that if any fluid were to escape into the catch can it could flow back into the differential. I will have air vents in the top of the catch can to allow for air pressure to escape.

Any thoughts? Using the braided fuel line to decrease the likelihood that the line could get cut while the car is engaged in hard cornering.

Car should be completed at the factory next week and shipped out. April and May are going to be very busy months.

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