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Ok, that helps. I understand what your have done a little better now. I was not aware that your cover had a similar vent tube coming down. Ross was suggesting that we may want to plug the oil return hole and move it forward, like you have done. We will plug both holes on the back cover. I like your idea of coming out of the top of the differential, as I was wonder how that vent would effectively release pressure being that the end of the tube was so far down from the top.

There already is a drain plug on the bottom of the differential and Ross and I have talked about using that to go to the cooler if we decided to go that route. We would install a tee fitting and have one go to the cooler and the other plugged for draining fluid.

Thanks for your suggestions, it has helped a lot. Just wanted to check back before we started to make adjustments and make sure that we were on the same page and why.


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