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Without the VIN, you would not be able to register it, and given that the seller is calling it a 4000 series, rather than 40--, my guess is there is no VIN. Could be wrong.

However, if someone were just interested in using the frame to build a race car, they could do that. You do not need to register a race car and some are built from special frames. I would imagine that the frame could be welded and strengthened. I have seen some race car frames get buckled-up that are still salvageable and end up back on the track.

I imagine that the $3500 is Canadian, so with a little dickering and the exchange rate someone could save themselves some money over welding up their own frame.

Just thought about this, do you need a VIN number if you call it a scratch build? How do you scratch builder guys approach the VIN/MSO issue?
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