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Originally Posted by 1795 View Post
Without the VIN, you would not be able to register it, and given that the seller is calling it a 4000 series, rather than 40--, my guess is there is no VIN. Could be wrong.

However, if someone were just interested in using the frame to build a race car, they could do that. You do not need to register a race car and some are built from special frames. I would imagine that the frame could be welded and strengthened. I have seen some race car frames get buckled-up that are still salvageable and end up back on the track.

I imagine that the $3500 is Canadian, so with a little dickering and the exchange rate someone could save themselves some money over welding up their own frame.

Just thought about this, do you need a VIN number if you call it a scratch build? How do you scratch builder guys approach the VIN/MSO issue?
Depends on the state you live in. In Oregon where I live, it is relatively easy to register a scratch built car. Actually, in this case, at least in this state that would probably be the easiest way to register this car and the VIN may actually be a liability.

Lots of work needed on that Cobra and tons of parts will need to be purchased, but the basic frame, pick up points, cockpit tub, and trunk tub are all there- which are the hardest pieces to build or source without a jig or form.

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