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Default Long overdue update......

Lots of time, certainly too much, has passed since my last update. I was trying to lay low and keep a low profile while I chugged in starts and stops toward finally getting this car done.

Well, the biggest hurdle has finally been overcome, at long last there's an engine in the garage ready to install. The car is at a local pro builder waiting for the engine and trans, which he'll pick up in two weeks and get it dropped in. From there, its finishing the electrical, plumb the pedal box to the brake lines, put the aluminum shrouding around the radiator and oil cooler, and install an interior, and a punch list of many small details, and it's finally done. He thinks I should be driving by September.

It seems like the roster of active posters here has changed over almost completely, but from you veterans who've been around a while, I wanted to just check in and let you know where it's at with the car. I get an occasional PM from some old friends asking about me and the car, and I certainly appreciate that. Car is getting done, and health is holding. Life is good right now. It's been a hell of a ride, but I'm still here kicking. Can't wait to finally drive this car. It's going to be a beast.

Many thanks to all as always.
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