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Originally Posted by Murky781 View Post
Hi Andrew and congrats on getting the build going. We spoke at the Christmas party while looking at my wife's white slabside at ERA. Don'r forget to have Jack put heaters in the seats and have him make up that second set of floor mats, out of the same dye lot, so they'll match later. Switches for the seats go under the dash and out of sight. Bob or Doug can put you on the right path for wiring. Enjoy your car and if I can help you with anything from here, please let me know.
It was great to meet you, and thank you again for the chat and letting me sit in the car -- it is gorgeous and absolutely reaffirmed my decision to go with the slab! Unfortunately right before the Christmas party Jack had finished up my seats and could not be persuaded to go back in and add the heaters. I completely understand why, but I do wish I would have thought about adding them earlier!

Originally Posted by *13* View Post
I did a very similar build with mine. I did have them supply the custom ERA rear, though. Any questions, or if you want to have a look at my FIA, I'm 45min south. Or if you need a hand with anything... Look forward to you're progress
I would love to check out your FIA sometime. I have been reading about it for quite some time so it would be fantastic to see it in person some day.

Originally Posted by fintubi View Post
What's your engine plan?
Ah, the engine. Well, it started life as a 351w in my grandfathers LTD that he bought new in 1969, but it has...uh...grown a bit. I'm certain it will be too much engine for this car, but for sentimental reasons that is what is going in. Don't be too surprised if you see me start a 302 build at some point later though . I am getting close to wrapping up the short block and I have been taking pictures along the way. Not sure if I'll post them up here piece by piece or when I wrap the engine up completely.

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement.
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