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Chris Kirkham here. I just stumbled across this thread and I'm fairly new to Club Cobra. I know its been awhile since this thread came to be but I can perhaps shed some light on what we would do here at Kirkham Motorsports.

The original cobras used a very soft alloy. 1100 actually. You could easily dent the body with a good press of the finger. Original bodies were also thinner then the Kirkham bodies are now, by about 10 thousandths of an inch. Kirkham bodies use a old Soviet alloy of aluminum that was alloyed with iron, to make it tougher.

For the hood rivets we would use a button head pop rivet made from aluminum. A stainless rivet would cause a little deformation in the metal because they clamp down much tighter then an aluminum rivet would. However, we do use stainless rivets to rivet the body to the chassis on the underside of the car. This thread was posted a long time ago though so I imagine that the job is already done! Hope it turned out great!
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