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To further advise on what I used and the process that I used to install the hood rivets on my aluminum bodied Cobra....

1) the hole position should be so that is directly above and into the hood frame tube. You can place a hole directly beside the frame tube but place it on the outside the hood frame tube towards the outer edge of the hood for those that are squeamish about trying to drill into the frame tubing too.

2) use an all aluminum rivet, aluminum mandrel and an aluminum rivet body.

3) the length of the rivet is dependent on where you placed the hole, longer for holes that intersect the frame tube and shorter for any other placement.

4) disassemble the rivet by using a set of pliers clamping the rivet body and gently tapping the mandrel on a hard surface.

5) prepping the rivet for installation. Using a set of side cutters gentley score the rivet mandrel just under the ball end of the mandrel, this will cause the mandrel to break prematurely before to much pressure is applied to the working surface (aluminum body skin). If you are going to paint the rivet head after installing the rivets you may want to rough up the surface of the face of the rivet head with some sand paper before reassembling the rivet. By roughing up the face of the rivet head it will provide a better bonding surface for the paint to adhere to. Reassemble the rivet and install.
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