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Originally Posted by xb-60 View Post

What's next? I need to fit the diff. and half shafts, then the fuel tank, and then I can start fitting the sheetmetal panels in the boot/trunk.


Is your build using transverse leaf springs? If it is you will have to check to see if the lower control arms are binding on the rear hubs. On my build the pressure of the transverse leaf springs caused the hubs to bind on the lower control arms, preventing rotating the hubs to install the half-shafts. We had to use a jack on the lower control arm to relieve the pressure from the leaf springs so the hub would spin. While we were there, we installed the rear shocks, as once installed they kept the pressure off the hub and allowed us to remove the jack and that was one less thing in the way.

Good luck with the build, and wear long sleeves while installing those half-shafts, not a lot of working room in their and my forearms are scuffed up pretty well from not wearing long sleeves.

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