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Like Brent and others have suggested you may not have the oil galleys drilled for the hydraulic rollers. If you have to run solids because of your particular block you might want to give some thought to a diesel oil with all the good stuff still in it that the EPA has stripped out of our automotive oils. That will improve your new camshaft life and on balance do good things for the rest of the engine.

The oil I would suggest is Shell's Rotella 15W40 for diesels, which you can buy at Wally World for relatively cheap dollars. The Rotella Oil has elevated levels of Zinc and Phosphorous that flat tappet cams like for both break in and longevity.

If you want to run a high perf automotive oil you can get a bottle of ZDDP and add it at each oil change. You can get ZDDP on Amazon for about $12 a bottle in two bottle packages.

In the OBTW category a gallon jug of Rotella 15W40 at my local Wally World is $14 and it brings you all the goodness that the ZDDP does without having to remember to get the ZDDP or spend the money for it.

With a flat tappet cam and without the zinc and phosphorous in your oil, you are at a reasonably high level of risk for a repeat failure.

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