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Originally Posted by FatBoy View Post
I've never had to spec a cam before, so are you able to elaborate a little please?

"more split between the duration" does that mean more or less duration, or something else?

With regard to the lobe separation, do I need to be looking in the 110-112 region? What does changing the lobe separation do and is it the inlet that is opening later, or the exhaust that is opening sooner or a bit of both if I reduce the LSA?

Whilst I'm more than happy to accept your experience, I do like to understand why I'm doing something.

"more split between the duration" means you'll have more duration on the exhaust side than on the intake, often in the range of 6. For example, you could go 242 duration @ 0.050" on the intake, and 248 on the exhaust.

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