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Yes I have the solid lifters and they are in the order they came off the lobes. The lifters are Holman Moody solid shell type hollow lifters.

As for the cam, I loved this cam on my standard bore/stroke 427. It had a great loping idle, wasn't too wild and was easy to drive - but was great at WOT too. It did have a fair amount of overlap though, so it didn't like to be lugged, but that was only an issue if I was too lazy to downshift in heavy traffic and I never found it to be a big deal.

Here's a few vid links:

Start-up on an engine stand:

Autocrossing in 2nd gear:

I wouldn't replace the cam, except now that I've had to do a clean-up overbore AND found a hairline crack in my crank, I'm changing to a stroker rotating assembly resulting in a ~482. Brent tells me my cam will feel like a RV cam in the new motor.

I did tell him I wanted to come up with a comparable grind for the new motor with the one addition that he could tweak it for autocrossing duties as I'm doing more of that now that I was before.
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