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Hi Stuart,

I've been using VR1 specifically because it has high levels of ZDDP. Many people swear by it and you're the first person I've heard question its suitability. What level of ZDDP do you think we need in our engines?

It's even been suggested that I just use a good quality diesel engine oil, so it is really difficult to get definitive advice when it comes to oil. I even called Opie ould and spoke to one of their technologists and he fundamentally said that "high" ZDDP content oil was just marketing bull**** and that any good quality oil would have sufficient levels. Then there's the whole mineral vs. synthetic argument. There is a synthetic Mobil 1 that has higher levels of ZDDP, which has been recommended.

I don't know why my cam failed, but I could reasonably have argued with all conviction that VR1 was "the only way to go" based on 30,000 miles of trouble-free motoring, right up to the point when it failed.

I'll take a look at the website and read with interest.


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