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Originally Posted by Shootnride View Post
Here is a link to a VERY lengthy article that one SAE engineer wrote on his testing of hundreds of oils. If you get to the last portion of the article he ranks all of his tests with results. In his testing he ranked the Valvoline VR1 at #36 and the Joe Gibbs Hot Rod at #97. It's an interesting read. You can make your own opinion about his testing.

This is too much to read in a reasonable time, but it sure is interesting. Thanks for the link.

In short, I find this to be the best information I have ever found. It fits with everything I have experience with, with one exception (later). His chosen test method, in my opinion, is exactly what you need to know about cam failure.

I have often said I believe there is something to the ZDDP, but I am not convinced that everything said is gospel. This data shows that it is not ZDDP alone, and I believe his tests are accurate.

He states that oil is not compressible. It is typically stated that polymers are like oil and are not compressible. I do know that polymers are compressible. It is very little, and it takes a lot pressure. It doesn't matter at small volumes, but it can with vary large volumes. I suspect a large volume of oil at a high pressure will slightly compress as most things will. Now that said this is a technical point for geeks and clearly not the audience the data was intended for, and will not matter in an engine. For all practical purposes, this guy is spot on, on everything I read. I only made this point, because someone always wants to criticize on some technicality, for various motives. Sure nothing is perfect, but I really think this is the best information out there and only a fool would attack it.
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