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Originally Posted by Shootnride View Post
Here is a link to a VERY lengthy article that one SAE engineer wrote on his testing of hundreds of oils. If you get to the last portion of the article he ranks all of his tests with results. In his testing he ranked the Valvoline VR1 at #36 and the Joe Gibbs Hot Rod at #97. It's an interesting read. You can make your own opinion about his testing.


That's very interesting (and VERY long) article, thank you for posting the link. It pretty much confirms what I was told by the techs at Opie Oils, in that ZDDP is just marketing nonsense and bears very little relationship to the actual wear protection capabilities of the oil.

I haven't read all of it (obviously), but I didn't see anything specifically in regard to oil weight. Could I use a 10W40 oil, or even a 0W40?

I liked the idea of the Valvoline Maxlife High Mileage, because it has extremely good wear protection characteristics but also has additives to minimise oil leaks, which has to be a good thing. What wasn't so appealing was the price here in the UK at over 70 for 5 litres. However, if the oil change intervals could be extended to 2 or 3 years, it looks like much better value. Presumably a full Esther synthetic isn't going to degrade and form sludge deposits like a mineral oil.

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