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Originally Posted by FatBoy View Post
I haven't read all of it (obviously), but I didn't see anything specifically in regard to oil weight. Could I use a 10W40 oil, or even a 0W40?

In Section 2 of this article, the author goes into selection of the proper oil viscosity. Basically, he promotes using the lightest oil that will still maintain adequate "hot" oil pressure for your particular engine. He says that the old rule of thumb of 10 psi/1000 RPM is a reasonable standard.

So, based on his recommendation, I suppose each engine would require a bit of experimentation, because all engines are not built with exactly the same bearing clearances. I think at my next oil change I'm going to try changing to a 10W30 and see how it works out. My engine runs pretty high oil pressure even when hot and I'm currently using a 15W50 oil.

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