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Originally Posted by suprathepeg View Post
Does anyone know where the molds etc are for these cars?
Ryan Douglas Martens (CC member gn_n_60_shelby) apparently owns (owned) them as of a couple years ago: Classic roadsters ii to be building kits again

It's worth noting some people have posted comments to indicate they've attempted doing business with Ryan, all has not gone well - here's one example: 11 grand gone, no kit delivered

Is classic roadsters II still in business?

Someone who had difficulty getting the side pipes he ordered: canadian classic roadsters build #1

BBB rating:

I was at a 'Show and Shine' in Regina, Saskatchewan on Labour Day Monday, and one of the folks I talked to said Ryan was trying to sell him the jigs and molds for $60K CAD. He said they've spoken a few times but never met. I indicated to him that I've seen a few posts on CC from folks who gave Ryan some money and aren't happy about the outcome (or lack thereof).

While he seemed interested in getting into the business, he commented that Ryan was asking too much for what he was offering. I doubt he'll be moving ahead with the purchase - but you never know what kind of crazy stuff will happen.

If Ryan is in financial distress he's probably looking to sell the jigs and molds - but any prospective buyer probably needs to exercise due diligence and caution in any such transaction. Caveat emptor.

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