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Default Cobra Valley Plastic Windshield Finally Installed

I've had this thing in my rafters for 6 months finally got up the nads to do with he swap...
I elected to leave in the uprights which makes the whole thing easier.
Removed and carefully marked wings, side hooks,visors and rear view mirror. -actually looks cleaner without all of it...

1764 has the center rod, removed the two upward facing allens, (bracket to wind shield).
Remove two side screws and the whole thing comes up and forward away from the car, The little Allen screws are 4mm metric, removing is much easier if you shorten an Allen wrench by cutting the short end almost to the curve...these things are a ***** to restart...

To remove the glass two lower screws on either (bottom) side of the frame and the center support rod must be removed, then the frame bottom and sides top unit can be CAREFULLY Be pulled away.

If I had it to do again I would order a new rubber gasket...

I did not elect to glue the new one in, I cleaned out the frame and with the aid of a friend and dish soap worked the new one in. The center support rod made securing it together much is actually a frame compression device which hooks over the upper and lower frames together once assembled. The nuts are 5.5 mm (tiny)...

The glass install is a bit of an ordeal but the rest was pretty straightforward.

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