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Originally Posted by Phx Mike View Post
A 445 is a great fit to a Cobra. I know Brent Lykins has built quite a few and I am sure some have gone into Cobras and he would be a great source of advice. With your transmission and final drive ratio you will need to be careful with cam selection. My 482 has 242/248 durations at .050" with a 112 degree lobe separation angle and it does not like steady state below 2200 rpm. It would be less tolerant in the smaller 445.
What he said. Careful on the cam with those gears. Barry will know what to do, if you tell him what you have.

The stroker is a good option.

If you changed nothing other than the stroke - same cam - the bigger motor should be just as happy at 1600 rpm as the old one was at 1800 rpm, therefore, you should be able to add some cam to the new engine.

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