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Talking Hallelujah Its Finished! Meet My New Cobra

Well she's finally finished! I brought her home yesterday from my mechanic and friend Fred Gimbel. I was able to do all of the chassis work, engine, transmission and brakes: and Fred did the gauges, wiring and initial start up and tuning. I put 50 Miles on it yesterday in 40 degree weather. I've got to say it is one badass machine. There's another thread on this site (What Recognition have you gotten while driving your cobra) I had to laugh to myself as I was driving it home. I didn't make it 5 miles from Fred's garage when I passed a car traveling in the opposite direction with the driver holding his arm out the window giving me a big thumbs up as he passed. I also noticed that people fairly far behind me caught up real quick to see what it was. I've never been so eager for winter to be mild and be over!
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