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Hello All!
My name is Dan and have been mulling the idea of a Cobra purchase for quite a number of years. I have gotten to the age where it’s time to start checking things off my bucket list and owning a Cobra gets closer to the top of that list with each passing birthday. In my youth (so VERY long ago) I enjoyed working on cars but those years are gone now I’d rather just enjoy the ride without the wrenching it took to get there. Consequently, I will be looking into a used Cobra but one whose roots in body, frame, and driveline can be traced back to quality products and professional builders. I’m not a mechanic nor do I wish to become one. I would like to buy a lightly used (<4K miles) Cobra with an engine, body/frame, that were preassembled by their respective manufacturers before they were mated. My thoughts there are not only for the ready availability of standard repair parts, but also for the reduced risk of an undetected original assembly error if both engine and body/frame were to have been assembled by a private party. I’ve learned over my life that not everyone will take the required care and time to properly assemble something and Cobra cars I’m sure are notwithstanding. I’ve done quite a bit of online research as to what’s out there and keep returning to the Superformance MkIII for the rolling chassis and Roush for the power. I feel this combination would best meet my criteria of quality, and hopefully the reliability that should accompany it which is also very important to me. I’ve also discovered that Cobra’s don’t depreciate at the rate of a normal car. A quality vehicle with a build year of 2007 (now 10 years old) still commands a price in the high 60’s or low70’s which means a loss of only about 20% since new. Granted the mileage is extremely low (1K-3K miles) on those cars in comparison with a normal car, but a used quality built Cobra seems to act more like a savings bond than a normal depreciating asset. Attention to historical detail is insignificant in my case. The Cobra I’m looking for doesn’t have to mirror it’s 1960’s ancestor in every detail. My only criteria there is for the 427 engine, carbureted or injected makes no difference to me. Silver with a black stripe would be my first color choice, but I would entertain other colors (accept red) if the price was attractive. The car will never be raced while in my possession (and hopefully never was by its previous owner(s)) and will simply be enjoyed as this old man’s toy. I’m open to any and all suggestions/feedback and I do take criticism well, so don’t be shy if what I’ve stated here seems to be in error. I easily stand corrected.
Thanks in advance, Dan

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