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I would re-iterate what previous posts have said. Be patient, there are plenty out there. Go for a test drive in the car before purchasing, if a seller is unwilling to take you out for a spin (they are not going to let you drive it), then that would raise red flags for me. I drove 5 hours for a test drive the first cobra that I bought and we were driving with snow on the ground. When I sold the car the buyer, after negotiating a price and placing a deposit, flew form Texas to upstate NY to go for a test drive. Make sure that it is more that just a spin around the block; get the car up to temp and then loo for leaks afterwards.

I would be more concerned with a very low milage car than I would with one with moderate miles on it. It takes several thousands of miles to sort these cars out and work out all of the build problems.

Good luck.

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