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I would care most about the parts in the car; not the miles.

What is in the engine and who built it. Double that for an FE.

Will it run on pump gas?

Miles on the Cobra mean nothing if someone tossed used car parts in it that were already over 100K. It happens.

A new TKO or other heavy built transmission means a lot more than something tossed in out of a worn out Mustang.

A quality brake system verses used car parts is a big deal. I would personally run from drums.

If it has 4 lug wheels, run away.

IRS is better than a straight axle. Not all center sections are the same. I have a 9" ford straight axle. It is quite strong, but after replacing axle bears that failed in 10K miles, I learned some things. I bought Timken bearings and what came in the Timken box was the same Chinese bearings that had just failed. I thought someone switched them out so I called Timken. They are indeed sourcing them from China. A friend told me it was the grease that come in the bearings that causes the failures. We pulled the seals and what we washed out stunk. I'm not sure it was petroleum. So the point to my story, as great as the 9" was, good parts are getting harder to come by.

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