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Originally Posted by FatBoy View Post
Well, I have at last pulled the engine out and stripped the top and bottom ends off. It was obvious that something was amiss with the follower of the missing cam lode because it wouldn't come out through the top of the block like all the rest.
I pulled the cam out and and the problem lobe looked like someone had taken an angle grinder to it and nicely rounded all the edges off. I pushed the corresponding follower out through the bottom and what should have been a very slight convex face was a very defined concave to match the nicely rounded cam.
On the plus side, everything else looks to be in really nice condition and having check a couple of big-ends, they look perfect with absolutely no signs of marking, let alone scoring.
I think I may have dodged a bullet.

The lifter and the lobe disappear like this from lack of rotation.

Can happen suddenly and failure occurs in a short period.

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