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Thank you all for the responses. All this feedback has made me aware of some issues I didnít know existed. Some of you have mentioned the need to ďsort outĒ (Cobra Ownerís speak for ďde-bugĒ?) a new vehicle. Can you give me some examples of such issues you may have experienced and what remedy was employed to eliminate the concern? Are there issues still prevalent in the current new models? I donít move quickly on things like this. Iím one of those people that has to open every door, turn over every rock and peek through every crack before even contemplating a purchase. Then Iíll suffer from analysis paralysis for a few weeks as I chew through the information. Trust me, Iím a salesmanís nightmare and have been abandoned by them more than once while on the showroom floor.
Troy, thanks for reminding me that Roush doesnít make a big block 427. I would be just as happy with a pseudo 427. Displacement is displacement whether in an OEM big block or an aftermarket engineered once-a-351. Years ago I would have argued that, but with todayís design technology and over all engine metallurgy, physical size matters less.
Another thought that has come to mind is emissions regulations and how they effect Cobras. I live in Illinois and all gas-powered vehicles are required to pass emissions testing to be licensed. I know some have sidestepped this issue by titling the vehicle to a pre-1968 model year when horsepower was legally more important than hydrocarbons. I have also heard where replica cars can get a waiver depending on proposed usage. It sounds like this is a naturally gray area that I fear could turn murky. The last thing Iíd want to do is take the plunge, then run into a rats nest of regulation that prevents me from enjoying the car as I would like.
Thanks again, Dan
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