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Default Do yourself a favor. Do like I did and get one of these.


I lurked and researched on line and these forums for 5 years, searching everywhere for the right car. Test drove a half-dozen and every single one had problems. Finally settled onto what others have said... a later model Superformance is probably the right ticket... but they come at significant cost and not without some risk. Your situation seems a lot like mine:

Wants to drive it more than work on it.... check.
Knows that a good one is $60-70k.... check.
Wants the bucket list cobra driving experience.... check.

Then I found the 650 Ft-Lb & 650 HP convertible of my dreams. It has all the noise and terror of a 427 cobra without the high probability of death 3 seconds after you mash it. Comes with all the creature comforts too.

When you giggle like a schoolgirl on the test drive like I did, you know you've found the right car. Good luck.
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