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If you are still interested, after the customary testing if a Cobra is for you. I graduated high school in 1976, in Ohio. Altered high performance cars were everywhere, when I was a teenager. I helped buddies build several engines before I was 16. I grew up driving cars with radical cams. Everything from mild to wild. I dropped a SB Chevy in a Vega when I was 16 or 17. Built a 350 LT1 and dropped in my 1969 Chevelle, that would pull the front wheels and run low 13's in a quarter mile at 18 years old. If you experience any of those times and drove any of those cars, a Cobra with a radical engine will be like old times. Caution these cars are nearly half the weight and with a 90" wheel base things happen real fast. My Cobra is the best handling car I ever owned. I have no doubt it can get you killed before you can say oh ****. Even if you have never experienced driving a radical engine, you might still do OK. If that's the case, I would recommend lot's of CID, a mild cam with a good set of heads.

There is a Cobra club in Chicago. A group always comes to the London, Ohio Cobra Show, in June. Over the years there was a fellow with a Mopar 426 Hemi, a Viper V10, and every year a Turbo Charged Buick V6 shows up. At least that is how I remember it. I expect there is a couple dozen or more in that club. Get in contact that club.

I even have a lost cousin, with the same name, somewhere in Illinois. He too has a Cobra. I would never have found him, it I didn't buy a Cobra.
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