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Originally Posted by bcrumpley View Post
Well, in '65 regular Fords had black engines with gold or chrome valve covers. They went to the corporate dark blue for the '66 model year, so I would assume that somewhere around mid August of '65 that they made the color change. No clue how many black 427s were already in the pipeline, but I would guess that the run of the ~100 428 cars as well as the final 427 cars got blue engines. All speculation by me and I'm sure no one cared at the time. I will be painting mine blue with a black surge tank. I've seen a number of them with blue surge tanks, but just don't like the look.
This certainly seems plausible. What is commonly called Corporate Ford Dark Blue actually looks more medium blue to me as seen in ACHiPo's pictures. Apparently Ford switched to an even lighter blue in the late 60s.
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