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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
I would say that less than one in a thousand people who show a real interest in owning a Cobra are actually cut out for owning a Cobra. Maybe less.
I'm not certain if this is a pessimistic view or a little on the elitist side.

Of course I only know myself for certain, so how could I possibly judge this opinion. I see a few hundred people at the London Cobra show every year, but I doubt in 10 years of ownership that I have met more than a dozen people seriously considering purchasing a Cobra. A few hundred would love to have one, but are in no position to buy one and admit as much. So when you are saying a "real interest" do you mean the "I would love to own one" crowd or are you meaning the "seriously considering purchasing" crowd?

I ask because of the dozen I talked to who where seriously considering purchasing a Cobra, 3 did, but one sold the car without completing it. The rest I haven't seen and assume didn't purchase.

On the other hand, I can see how nobody followed through to ownership after they talked to you.

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