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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
You may have spoken to a dozen who were seriously considering buying one because they could, indeed, afford one. But, behind them were hundreds more who had the same level of interest, maybe even more fervent interest, but not the cash.
Well, since you included the homeless, Drug addicts, the welfare class, and the poor, I now realize that was a very optimistic viewpoint indeed. It might be closer to 1 in a 100 million, because I have met few people who do not love the Cobra.

When people come to this sight seriously intending to buy with $40K budget in there back pocket, you sometimes seem to treat them the same as the people who will never follow through anyway, which I do see a distinction. However on the other hand, you do provide a great service by explaining what a Cobra really is, and have saved people from wasting money on a fantasy that would have been a waste of money when reality hit. Hmm.
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