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I looked around on that page to try to find same details on what the blower is and some specs, but failed to find anything. If it is centrifugal, which most of what I have seen in the past is, the pressure is proportional to rpm squared. This means that at low rpm you get almost no boost. You are above 50% of your rpm before there is enough boost to matter.

So, you are going to have a very steep torque curve in the upper rpm. I have seen truck engines that make good low end torque and then run out of breath at the midrange, end up with a nice torque curve with these type blowers. However if you have a good set of heads and cam that make good power in the upper rpm to start, these type blowers will give you a torque curve that looks like a mountain on the way up. Not so much fun on the street.

The other two things I noted were the plumbing. One, there is no heat exchanger, to cool the compressed air. Depending on the air temp and compression ratio you cannot go above about 5 psi without cooling or you will get detonation. Two they are not enclosing the entire carb. It looks like the bowl vents are under the hat so it would work, but it is more likely to push fuel out every place it can find. Also you need to control fuel pressure. If you have 5 psi of boost you need 5psi more fuel pressure to get it into the bowls.

$3600 will make a lot of power from a 385 series engine. Not sure I would go down this road. Give it a lot of thought.
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