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Default Wheel finishes

Dear all,

My car is now almost ready for paint and it's looking like I am going to have it finished in Black.

My car is a homage to an early 'Street 427, with a chassis number lower than CSX3110, so it carries narrow Halibrands all round. They're currently finished in satin black, but I'm thinking that whilst a black Cobra with black wheels will look mean, it might not necessarily look period-authentic and I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard.

Now, I'm not trying to create a car that looks like it did in 1965/6, but I do want it to look like how it would have when it was maybe 4 or 5 years old.

On that basis, what would you guys do with the wheels?

I guess I have 3 options:

1) Get them blasted and then put a clear coat on, once they weather a little.

2) Refinish them in a mid silver gray (centres & rims) so they're not too bright.

3) Leave them satin black and stop whining!

I've thought about fitting Sunbursts, but as a very early Street car, I'm happy to keep it on Halibrands, and save myself $4000 on buying yet more wheels.

Any thoughts would be welcome!
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