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Pull apart including removal of the ring gear/carrier. Remove the pinion nut before pulling the carrier out. Clean up everything, inspect bearings for any damage. Use a magnifying glass to look for marks or indentions in the roller bearings. Replace if they show any damage.

Lightly oil the pinion bearings, install the pinion, slinger and everything else you removed from the pinion. Install the new seal and tighten the new nut to 200-220 lbs / ft. You either need to make up a tool to hold the yoke or install the carrier and stub axles so you can torque the pinion nut. Then use a lbs / inch beam type torque wrench to measure the torque to keep the pinion turning. Your target is 20-40 lbs / inch. If the crush sleeve was crushed too far the number will be much higher. Have the carrier and ring gear removed when checking preload.

If pinion preload is within spec, then clean up the carrier bearings and stub axle bearings, replace O rings and reassemble.

Keep all shims where you find them and note the stub axles are also shimmed. Keep the stub axles on the side they are on with the shims they have.

Let me know if you need further details.
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