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Well it just keeps getting stranger (but better). My "old series 1" 3.54 diff, as identified by the thin fin-type pinion snout reinforcements - as opposed to the solid bar style (supposedly) characteristic of the series 2 - actually has the series 2 type tapered roller output bearing covers and flange mounted brake calipers bolted from the diff side of the rotors. So all of the new parts ordered including the rotors, calipers and bronze bushings, will bolt right up.
The other odd thing is that Alan Weaver from Unique informed me that the correct shortened halfshaft length for my car (bolt-on wheels) is 12" center to center of the u-joint axes. My old shortened shafts measure 13.5" on one side and 13.75" on the other.
I always noted one tire seemed closer to the fender lip than the other, but I chalked that up to the inherent assymetry of Cobra replica bodies whose lineage goes back to the notably crooked handbuilt originals.
The 3.54 diff, relieved of the old brake calipers and pads, turns smoothly and quietly in both directions with no leaking from the pinion seal. So it looks like I get to keep my preferred ratio without swapping gears.
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