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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
All kidding aside, and when there's not going to be any major litigation because no one was hurt, the owner/driver should really explain what it is that happened so that others can learn from it. Not talking about it doesn't help anyone. I remember when one of our members here "shot the ramps" out from under his back wheels and nailed the ankles of a family member -- it never occurred to me you could even do that. This "I don't want to talk about the accident..." is bullsh*t. As an example, I specifically installed a neutral safety switch on my car after reading about a Cobra "driving off by itself" after someone reached in to start the car, believing it to be in neutral, and it wasn't. I tend to do that myself sometimes during tuning sessions.
What we need is a Special Prosecutor to be appointed by the DOJ to investigate this Cobra crash.

Seriously, we all know what probably happened, the throttle linkage got stuck, driver error, auto trans malfunction (if it had an AT), unintended acceleration, floor mats got intertwined with the gas pedal, etc. They're fairly simple cars, so the number of ways this accident could have happened is extremely finite.

How do you guys think I got my Kirkham into my living room?
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