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Thank you Jim - rebuilding the differential is out of my league too, but I was ready to give it a try. For now I'm just waiting for the new seals, bushings, brake parts and u-joints to arrive, and I'm heading to the machine shop tomorrow to see about shortening the half shafts and control arms.
To keep busy, I've started reviving and polishing weathered old pieces that are worth keeping. Wifey asked why not just order a new steering wheel instead of all the elbow grease. Well, though it's not evident in the pic below, the top half of that wheel is actually bent backwards a few degrees, and I had to repair splits in the wood on either side. I'm convinced hanging fast onto that wheel is what saved me from bouncing my head off the roll bar when I slammed backwards into the embankment. It, along with the bony lump on top of my left shoulder will be permanent reminders of how lucky I was that day.

EDIT: No idea why the pic is upside down. I tried rotating it in my album, but it makes no difference.
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