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Originally Posted by bobcowan View Post
Another problem is the idiots who won't vaccinate their kids.
Dwight what happen to the child is a tragedy, as all deaths of all children are. I do not mean to take away from that, but the statement above concerns me a little bit.

Be careful. I can introduce you to a person who spent a year in a hospitals and nursing homes, in agony, with some type of nerve disorder. He was finally able to learn to walk again, but is permanently disabled. The doctors say it was all caused by the flue shot he received shortly before it all happened. I have asked other doctors, and they admit this does happen in a small percentage of cases.

I have had doctors admit that there is no proof that the flue vaccine works, although theoretically it should help, and they believe it reduces the severity, if you do get the flue. Studies have shown that the percentage of people who get the flue and had the flue shot is about the same number as those who get the flue and did not get the shot. Give or take about half of the people in the USA get the flue shot. So there is no statistical difference in getting the flue, weather you get the shot or not.

I know one doctor who will not take the flue shot and will not give it to his children. He said there is no proof it helps, but there is proof that it can do terrible damage, if you happen to be in that small percentage.

That all said I do get the flue shot. Statistically it is likely worth the risk, since I have already got them with no ill effects. That is my decision, but I would not cast stones at someone who decided it is not worth the risk. I surely would not want anyone to take that decision away from us all, and calling those people idiots is just a short step from thinking that way.

Before calling them idiots, you might want to ask why they choose not to take the vaccine. This all happened about a decade ago, when I looked into this. Things may have changed.

Bob I am guilty of overstating things without giving it a thought. I'm kind of a shock jock myself. So, I'm know better than you or anyone else. I just felt the need to speak up on this one. Don't take it as a personal attack.

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