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Originally Posted by olddog View Post
Be careful. I can introduce you to a personwho spent a year in a hospitals and nursing homes, in agony, with some type of nerve disorder. He was finally able to learn to walk again, but is permanently disabled. The doctors say it was all caused by the flue shot he received shortly before
One person, 10 years ago.

Do you know how many people died every year before the vaccine was developed? Do you know how many people were permanently disabled from lung damage and lung disease? Or just how many lost work and school days? The numbers are staggering.

Life is about risk vs. benefit. It always is. It's a gamble, and you have to go with the odds. You can get up in the morning and drive to work, but you might get in a car crash. Or, you can stay home and you won't get in a crash. But you'll probably get fired. Risk vs. Benefit.

If you decide not to vaccinate your kids because you don't believe in it, or you're afraid they'll catch autism, and then they die of the flu, how will you feel then? You'll spend the rest of your life knowing you let your kid die of a preventable disease.
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