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Originally Posted by Alfa02 View Post
Just my $.02 also, I agree with Brian (cycleguy55) there's nothing like seeing a big block in S/C or Mk III. (if you go that route) We're just opposite up here in the PNW, we need the heat of a big block . I believe you can get "enough HP" out of any engine now-a-days with our cars that weigh 2200-2600 LBS. (BDR Boy), is right. There is nothing else like the sound of a big block idling in, a car show, vintage race pits, etc. But Cobra's turn head's no matter what's under the hood Tom.
You can get a 460 CID SBF, or you can run a 352 CID FE. Displacement is only part of it. FEs are still available in the junk yard, though obviously getting harder to find. Take your basic FE block, add a stroker kit and that gets you in the range of 445 CID. With that displacement you can easily get 500 HP in something you can live with on the street. You can also get 500 HP out of a 347 CID small block, but that filly is likely going to be a bit high strung.

Remember - there is no replacement for displacement. OTOH, a turbo, supercharger or nitrous can do wonders. LOL
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