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Originally Posted by xb-60 View Post
Were Lucas P700's fitted as OE on early 260/289 Cobras?

Shelby American sometimes used LucasŪ P700 lamp assemblies in roadsters and coupes in long distance endurance races that ran through nights.

I have never come across any documentation that new street cars were "factory" fitted with P700 models but it was not a rare owner modification in states that didn't do motor vehicle inspections. Installing Lucas PL700 assemblies was also an owner modification and more common than P700 installations.

If you go looking for P700 assemblies be aware that Lucas-England made multiple slightly different versions over about a twenty year period and then Lucas-India made at least one version for about ten years, and at least two companies have made versions a reproductions. Only one easy to detect version has been found that was new and current in the 1963-65 time frame Cobras were new. It just happens to be the hardest version to locate, at least in great condition.

See Post 19 for head lamp stone guards.
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