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Originally Posted by ACademic View Post
Kevin, do you give any consideration to "clocking" the Lemans cap at a 45 degree angle (cap opens toward driver's seat) or even straight back (cap opens to front of car)? I've seen several originals with both orientations, but given time and tinkering, perhaps they all came from El Segundo with the perpendicular look as you have given this excellent example? Also, I can appreciate the Supertanium bolts and krinkle-finish backing on the mirror and the exacting details.
Hi Steve,

Craig put a lot of time and thought into getting the cap exactly where we wanted it. First, he drilled the correct pattern into the body. He then added the appropriate spacers and gaskets and screwed the cap to the base and tightened the cap. Since the base had no holes drilled in it, Craig was able to locate and clock the cap assembly exactly where we wanted it and then drill the six holes into the base and mount it. I think it came out great!!
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