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Default Starting my 289 build...

After spending a couple of years studying these cars, collecting parts, and giving Bruce Chervenak time to complete my chassis and body, I finally get to start putting the car together.

Bruce is a one-man operation who may not be the fastest production guy around, but his quality is top notch and heís a great guy to talk to and deal with. Plus, while waiting on the chassis & body, it allowed me the chance to get a jump on collecting / restoring parts.

My build plan is to make it as similar as I can to an original 289 street car within reason. The chassis is similar to the Factory Five chassis in the fact it will use late model Mustang / Factory Five front suspension and late model Thunderbird IRS. I wanted the car to have IRS, but Iím not really enamored with the everchanging roll center/camber/caster that a front leaf based suspension provides. I have Bruceís fiberglass footboxes and trunk floor, so the plan is for an accurate interior and boot, while the engine bay will be ďreasonablyĒ accurate. My goal is a somewhat originally appearing car that is a fun performer to drive.

I want to offer up a big thanks to this forum. I have been active on a couple of the better early mustang forums for years and appreciate what a good forum with knowledgeable members can provide. I have never done a build thread on any previous cars that Iíve restored, but Iím toying with the idea of doing one on this car. Thanks again to everyone for a great site.
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