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Originally Posted by AndrewB View Post
Great suggestion, thanks! I'll add that to the list. I wish I did that before the rear went in, but better now than later I suppose. I'm liking the idea of using bed liner/undercoating for durability. Anyone know what the originals looked like? In going through my picture archive, I am not finding a real good angle of the well in a car that was not overly restored.
In looking around for a good photo, it appears in the original cars some of the spare tire tray tubs were dark and some were light. I tried to upload photos, but it wouldn't let me, so links are below.

light -

light - http://phscollectorcarworld.blogspot...2135-some.html

dark -

dark -

dark (and with a red interior like your car) -

Anyone know the answer as to how they originally came from Shelby?

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