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Originally Posted by redmt View Post
1000 pounds? Not in it's best day. I run all commercial IR stuff. The early "Thunder Gun" 1/2" at best was 600 BOTH DIRECTIONS at a consistent 175 psi. My 3/4 IR at 175 psi and a 3/4" hose is good for 1100. The 1" IR will twist to 1800. I woudn't pay my attention to numbers on the box.

Is that spinner wrench aluminum? Wouldn't an impact with any real snot to it will beat it to death in short order?
Uhhh, it's right here on the AirCat web site: AIRCAT 1000-TH - 1/2" Impact Wrench Surely AirCat wouldn't fib about their "nut busting torque" levels would they?

And I vaguely recall FinishLine saying that was T6 aluminum, suitable for use in rocket ships, fighter jets, and Morris's Kirkham.

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