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OK, pardon me but I just have to make a comment about the units of torque, hopefully something all of us should understand. Twice, in different posts, torque was expressed in ft/lbs and then later just lbs. Torque is the product of a force (lbs, newtons,...) and distance (ft, inches, meters,...) so the units of torque are expressed in ft-lbs, in-lbs, newton- meters,...). Then later a high grade aluminum, suitable for rocket ships, etc. was referred to as "T6". Aluminum is identified by the four numbers that define the alloy followed by a T and another number that defines the heat treating temper. The strongest aircraft alloy is 7075, followed by 2024, and then 6061 and would have tempers like T4 or T6. T0 is dead soft. The author probably was referring to 6061 T6 which is a fairly strong and lower priced alloy.
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