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Default Center lock Torque

Originally Posted by Morris View Post

We use a 2.75 socket on our SS nuts ....torqued to 450# lbs. of torque to put them on......

And if we remove them with the torque wrench takes over 600# of torque to take them off.....with the 3/4 impact and a 1/2 hose it knocks them right off....

Yes we use the impact to put them on as well.....

BTW......the 2.75 Socket is standard size for the Center-lock wheels used in TransAm and IMSA....
Porsche is 450 Ft/lb also, I bought a 4' torque wrench to install on my GT3 and it takes a 6' breaker bar to remove. I have given myself carpal tunnel in both hands banging on the knock offs so now I need to follow Morris lead and get SS nuts. I can no longer even swing my lead knock off hammer.
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