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Originally Posted by Cobra #3170 View Post
Porsche is 450 Ft/lb also, I bought a 4' torque wrench to install on my GT3 and it takes a 6' breaker bar to remove. I have given myself carpal tunnel in both hands banging on the knock offs so now I need to follow Morris lead and get SS nuts. I can no longer even swing my lead knock off hammer.

Once you change.... you'll wish you had done it many years ago.....Plus it's easy and a 3/4"inch gun will take them off and put them on....many times we have just put them on until the gun slows down hammering and go to the track... no torque wrench and never had a failure.... that size gun when it is slowing down or stops usually is about 500#lbs of torque anyway...
Good luck and spin the nuts the right way....
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