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You must remove the Knock-off adaptor to remove the axle nut. Be sure to replace the axle retaining nut with a new unit, they are "one time" use. We use an SKF bearing and have had no repeat failures with them. The lower shaft usually will drift out with minor force. If you don't have the upper unfastened it puts torque on the shaft that makes it harder to remove. When you remove the upright to press the bearing out/in be sure to replace the upper outer spacers on the rod end as they came out. We use a marker to I.D. the front spacers before we remove them so it is easy to replace them as they were stacked from the factory.

The CV boots are available, I just shipped four to a customer.

I just did one of these last week. And be sure NOT to use an impact on the drive pin/adaptor retaining nuts, they WILL mushroom and make wheel replacement impossible.
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