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Sounds very similar to the problems I had been having, and have mostly solved. After finally breaking down, I purchased and installed an AFR meter to help. It turns out I was running very rich at idle, but then lean in the transition range around 2800-3000 rpm. After some trial and error, I ended up running a .65 idle jet with a .80 idle jet holder. This combo is still a bit rich at idle, but no stumble in the transition range (I figure this is a compromise I can/will live with). The other thing I spent a lot of trial and error time with is my timing. I finally settled on about 20 degrees of advance at idle, with another 18 in by 3500 rpm for 38 total. I run 91 octane and have not had any pinging or hard start problems. It even starts nicely when hot. Please feel free to PM me if you would like any assistance. Best of luck on your journey to Weber bliss. BTW I have a 347 stoker motor (302 block) running about 325 HP at the rear wheels.

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